5 tips for planning a trip with a personal loan

En Coopealianza we know that our clients and associates love to travel; the adventure of immersing yourself in an environment completely different from everyday life, making new friends, trying exotic flavors, venturing into unimaginable experiences that mark a before and after in life.

Traveling is an opportunity to connect with all possibilities: to realize that the world is much bigger, full of beautiful places, powerful nature and good people.

When you travel you get to know yourself better and learn things that are not in the books; that could only be absorbed by living to the extreme. But sometimes, we need a little help to make those trips that we long for so much. That is where personal loans come into play to cover travel expenses.

In our blog today we want to share with you some recommendations so that you can acquire the credit that best suits your needs and economic conditions, so that you can pay it without affecting your quality of life.

5 recommendations for traveling with financing

  1. Set a detailed budget for your trip. The most important thing is to plan the trip well considering all potential expenses: tickets, hotel, food, souvenirs and possible emergencies, among others. Only with a good budget is it possible to assess how much money you will really need. Our recommendation is to do at least one Excel and be very honest with yourself about the costs of the ride. If you make an excessively conservative budget, you run the risk of facing expenses that you had not visualized and suffering inconveniences during your stay outside the country.
  2. Compare different personal credit options to find the best interest rate and payment term. Make sure that the credit meets your needs and your ability to pay. Accepting a loan is a commitment that should not compromise your quality of life or your peace of mind. It is important to analyze all the financial market options and make an informed decision that fits your reality.
  3. Research destinations and accommodations to optimize your budget. Sometimes the same hotel offers different rates on different platforms or there are hotels with better conditions and more affordable prices. It is important not to make decisions lightly and to ensure that you choose a place that is safe, comfortable and at a fair cost.
  4. Consider the possibility of taking out travel insurance to avoid unforeseen events. This will always be a good idea. Depending on the travel insurance, it is possible to cover loss of luggage, flight cancellation, medical problems, unexpected transportation and accommodation expenses, among other inconveniences.
  5. Carry credit cards that facilitate payments abroad. In many hotels it is even impossible to book without answering a credit card. At Coopealianza we have Visa Credit Cards for international use, with the best technology and security.

Credit for travel with Coopealianza

At Coopealianza we offer you travel credits with competitive and stable rates, long terms to pay, fast and personalized procedures, few requirements and terms according to your needs.

For example, we have personal loans with a rate of 17% and with a term of up to 180 months, applying restrictions, which work perfectly for trips outside the country.

The credits are available for salaried people and public sector pensioners for up to ₡25 million; and for private wage earners for a maximum of ₡22 million.

To opt for a personal loan, you only have to present your identity card and proof of salary or income (proof of salary and pay stubs) and do the SICERE study.

For their part, the pensioner must only present their current identification document, proof or certification of pension.

Contact Us If you want more information about our personal loans to cover travel expenses. We will be delighted to assist you.