Although having Auto Insurance or “Marchamo”, as we call it, is an obligation that we must fulfill every year, in order for our vehicle to be authorized to circulate in our country, some of us make payment with certain setbacks because we left it At the last.

The disappointment stems, in part, from the fact that the payment must be made precisely in the months in which the rhythm of expenses overflows and is disorderly, due to the end of the year holidays, Christmas or the improvements to the car or the house in that we planned to use the Christmas bonus.

For some, the pressure increases as the month of December progresses and the days come when they have to stand in line to pay the stamp, because, otherwise, they cannot get the car out or they are exposed to a fine.

Saving gear gives you peace of mind

Through a savings system in Coopealianza, you can pay for that expense, which you make with a monthly contribution throughout the year, to have the money from the dealer when you need it.

This savings can be made through the Virtual Coopealianza, deduction from its payroll, deduction from a savings account at sight or on the service platform.

Start this savings now. Request it here: or 2785-3000, or in It will be a pleasure to advise you!