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Savings at sight

Your money on hand and always safe

Have immediate access to your money, be it for salary, pension, expense organization, money management or business flow, Saving on Demand is the tool that will allow you to organize your finances.

With your Savings Account at sight you can make use of:

  • • Virtual Coopealianza on your computer or cell phone.
  • • SINPE Mobile.
  • • ATMs.
  • • Debit.
  • • SINPE transfers.
  • • Automatic cancellations.
  • • Payment of wages.
  • • Issuance of payment orders.

Term Savings

Think ahead and meet your goals.

Plan the purchase of your vehicle, house, vacation, study, health, special activities or the project you want. Save with attractive interest rates, through systematic deposits to the term you require.

Make your deposits through Virtual Coopealianza, deduction of your payroll, deduction of Savings account at sight or on the service platform.

Plan your future projects and choose between different options:

  • • Christmas Savings.
  • • Savings Marchamo.
  • • Investment savings.
  • • Easy Savings.

Fixed Term Savings Certificates

Generate excellent returns

Through Fixed Term Savings Certificates, you can have your money safe with the term that best suits your needs.

Get personalized attention in each of your transactions, as well as great benefits:

  • • Attractive interest rates
  • • Automatic interest payment service to your Debit Card.
  • • Automatic renewal service.
  • • Access to Virtual Coopealianza.
  • • Back to Back Credit Access.

Fixed Term Savings Certificates Earn More

Learn about the Investment Plan Earn More and enjoy your earnings.

Attractive interest rates that are compounded each month, so they are payable until maturity. The longer the term of the investment, the greater the profit to be received.

The interest payment is made automatically, at the end of the investment term, they are deposited in the account that the associate wishes.

  • • Access to Virtual Coopealianza.
  • • Back to Back Credit Access.

Calculate the return on your investment

Interest rate %
Gross Total Interest: 0
Income Tax (7%): 0
Total Net Interest: 0

Income tax withholding applies to certificates issued as of July 01, 2019. According to Law 9635, the interest generated by your Investment will have income tax withheld.

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