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Savings at sight

Your money on hand and always safe

The Savings at Sight is a tool that will allow you to organize your finances, having access to your money immediately, either for: salary, pension, organization of expenses, money management or business flow.

The modalities in which you can invest are the following:


Savings at sight colones and dollars: Aimed at non-profit individuals and legal entities, who require a savings account where they have immediate availability of their money when they need it.


Savings Pensions: Aimed at those who need to receive a deposit of their pension in Coopealianza RL. You may have access to electronic means for mobilization.


Savings at sight Salary colones and dollars: In this account you will be able to receive in Coopealianza RL the deposit of your salary or any other income that you receive from your work, being able to have your money immediately. You will be able to have access to electronic means for your mobilization.


Savings at the Business View colones and dollars: designed for individuals over 18 years of age and legally constituted legal persons, who carry out business activities, and who need to manage their business money in a differentiated account. You will have access to electronic means for your mobilization.

Children's savings colones and dollars: It seeks to encourage the habit of saving in children or minors over whom it has legal representation. As legal representative, he will be the one who opens the savings account in the minor's name, in addition to being able to make withdrawals and deposits at the time he wishes.


Superior savings in colones and dollars: It has a more attractive interest rate than the conventional Sight Savings, it depends on the minimum daily amount and the term (in days) that the savings are maintained without decreasing. The higher the amount saved and the term, the better the rate. You will be able to have access to electronic means for your mobilization.


You can have great benefits such as:

✓ Security and control by sending notifications to your cell phone when making transactions with your debit card.

✓ You will have access to your Transactional Website, Coopealianza App and Sinpe Móvil.
✓ Affiliation for the automatic payment of more than 90 public services.
✓ Wide network of own ATMs and the ATH network.
✓ Attractive interest rates based on the balance.
✓ Excellent conditions for the purchase and sale of dollars.

Term savings

Think ahead and meet your goals

Coopealianza offers various Term Savings: Easy Savings, Christmas, March, Investment, Multiple and School.

Each has specific characteristics to help you reach your goal. In any of our offices throughout the country we will advise you on the type of savings that best suits your needs.

✓ Easy savings in colones and dollars: by means of this saving you will be able to make your investment in a systematic way, with monthly installments, deducted from payroll, automatic cancellation or SINPE). In addition, you can make extraordinary deposits at any time you want. With this saving you can plan any activity or obligation you have in the future, be it: vacations, parties, purchase of an asset, or whatever you need.

✓ Christmas savings colones and dollars: It consists of a systematic voluntary saving, which may be agreed in monthly installments. This saving will allow you to create a fund to satisfy needs such as Christmas gifts and in the case of being a merchant it allows you to deposit the provision for the payment of Christmas bonuses.

✓ Savings from Marchamo: This systematic voluntary savings, generally agreed in monthly installments, will allow you to create a fund for the March Payment.

✓ Investment savings colones and dollars: With these savings, you can create a fund to meet medium-term investment needs such as: parties, trips and exchanges, university studies, real estate, vehicle and others.

✓ Multiple savings in colones and dollars: Through these savings you can make several or a single deposit in a given time. This saving is not systematic, but it will allow you to improve your returns and reach your goals in the medium term.

✓ School Savings: You can make extraordinary deposits to this systematic saving, agreed in monthly installments. You can create your own fund for your children and / or relatives, through which you can cover the needs of future study.

Savings certificates
fixed term

Generate excellent returns

With Coopealianza's Fixed Term Savings Certificates you will be able to generate excellent returns, earning more for your money, and counting on the support of a solid financial institution that adjusts to your needs.

The Fixed Term Savings Certificates contemplate the following modalities:

✓ Dematerialized: the returns are much higher relative to traditional certificates. 

This modality allows you to deposit the principal amount and the interest earned in the savings account.
The investment can be renewed automatically, without the need to show up at the Coopealianza offices.

If you consider it pertinent and with prior authorization, you will receive text or electronic messages, related to the payment of coupons, the principal or, well, the automatic application of the renewal of the certificate.
Minimum amount ¢ 50.000.00 or $ 100.00. Minimum term 1 month and maximum 5 years.
It can be issued in colones or dollars.

✓ Materialized: It will allow you to obtain a fixed return, aimed at those associates who wish to deposit their money at a defined term, they can withdraw the interest periodically according to their needs, a minimum amount of ¢ 500.000.00 or $ 1.000.00. Minimum term 1 month and maximum 5 years.
It can be issued in colones and dollars.

Savings certificates
fixed term Earn More

Learn about the Earn More Investment Plan and enjoy your earnings

Earn More Certificate: This type of certificate grants attractive interest rates that are compounded monthly to the principal, so the longer the investment term, the greater the profit obtained.
Payment of principal and interest is made through management with your advisor at the time of maturity.
The minimum amount is ¢ 50.000.00 or $ 100.00, the minimum term is 3 months and maximum 24 months.
They can only be issued in colones.


Electronic: the registration of this certificate is made on our Virtual Coopealianza site, the interest and principal payment is deposited in an automated way to the savings account that the associate has defined at the time of making the same.
The yields are much higher in relation to traditional certificates, minimum amount ¢ 50.000.00 or $ 100.00.
Minimum term 15 days and maximum 5 years.
It can be issued in colones or dollars.

Some benefits when making your Fixed Term Savings Certificate:

✓ Attractive interest rates.

✓Automatic interest payment service in the savings account related to your debit card according to the type of certificate you have selected.

✓ Automatic renewal service.

✓ Access to Virtual Coopealianza.

✓ Access to Back to Back Credit.

✓ Term savings retain only 7% of Income Tax.

✓ Savings and investment plans adjusted to the needs and higher profitability suitable for each of the associates.

Rates: vary according to the term and are subject to change.
The monies deposited in these products cannot be withdrawn before maturity.

“The prices are shown only as an orientation for the client in their decision to access certain financial products or services, and it should not be understood that this information shows the final price of the product or service for all clients. The final price for each client is determined by multiple conditions subject to the assessment of the entity, specific to the business environment, the commercial relationship, the client's profile and the characteristics of the operations or services demanded. " SUGEF 10-07

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Income tax withholding applies to certificates issued as of July 01, 2019. According to Law 9635, income tax will be withheld from the interest generated by your Investment.

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