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Savings at sight

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The Savings at Sight is a tool that will allow you to organize your finances, having access to your money immediately, either for: salary, pension, organization of expenses, money management or business flow.

The modalities in which you can invest are the following:


Savings at sight colones and dollars: Aimed at non-profit individuals and legal entities, who require a savings account where they have immediate availability of their money when they need it.


Savings Pensions: Aimed at those who need to receive a deposit of their pension in Coopealianza RL. You may have access to electronic means for mobilization.


Savings at sight Salary colones and dollars: In this account you will be able to receive in Coopealianza RL the deposit of your salary or any other income that you receive from your work, being able to have your money immediately. You will be able to have access to electronic means for your mobilization.


Savings at the Business View colones and dollars: designed for individuals over 18 years of age and legally constituted legal persons, who carry out business activities, and who need to manage their business money in a differentiated account. You will have access to electronic means for your mobilization.

Children's savings colones and dollars: It seeks to encourage the habit of saving in children or minors over whom it has legal representation. As legal representative, he will be the one who opens the savings account in the minor's name, in addition to being able to make withdrawals and deposits at the time he wishes.


Superior savings in colones and dollars: It has a more attractive interest rate than the conventional Sight Savings, it depends on the minimum daily amount and the term (in days) that the savings are maintained without decreasing. The higher the amount saved and the term, the better the rate. You will be able to have access to electronic means for your mobilization.


You can have great benefits such as:

✓ Security and control by sending notifications to your cell phone when making transactions with your debit card.

✓ You will have access to your Transactional Website, Coopealianza App and Sinpe Móvil.
✓ Affiliation for the automatic payment of more than 90 public services.
✓ Wide network of own ATMs and the ATH network.
✓ Attractive interest rates based on the balance.
✓ Excellent conditions for the purchase and sale of dollars.

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Income tax withholding applies to certificates issued as of July 01, 2019. According to Law 9635, income tax will be withheld from the interest generated by your Investment.

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