If you are thinking of traveling outside of Costa Rica, remember that in many places and for certain activities you will necessarily need a credit card for international use.

This type of t they are required, for example, to rent a car or a hotel room abroad. Also to face unforeseen medical expenses thanks to its global qualities and foresight, giving you quick access to money during emergencies.

In addition, carrying your own credit card offers you advantages such as:

And finally, they can also help you save comfortably, by paying your travel expenses in installments. That way, it will be easier for you to assume the impact that a trip abroad or a business trip may have on your savings or your monthly budget.

Furthermore, Coopealianza We offer you different types of international credit cards: Classic, Gold and Platinum, depending on your needs and demonstrated financial capacity.

What are the additional benefits for obtaining a credit card at Coopealianza?

To get your own credit card complete the online form. Credit cards can become your best ally when it comes to fulfilling your dream of traveling the world.  Contact us and we will advise you.