Know the facilities of a credit for the purchase of a new or used vehicle

Currently, with the run Run of every day and the obligation to do many errands in a short time, having a vehicle is not a luxury, but a necessity. It is an essential tool to travel distances optimizing the hours we need to dedicate to our work, study, family or entertainment.


In addition, having your own car offers a series of benefits such as:


Can you imagine being able to go for a walk to the beach on weekends or visit your loved ones without depending on the public transport system (bus schedules) and without spending money on taxis? Can you imagine being able to carry your bags without so much complication, stop wherever you want and go on walks with your friends or family?

Possibly for reasons like these, you have already decided to buy your own car in this year 2022 that is just beginning.

That is why at Coopealianza we want to help you achieve your New Year's goals. We offer you financing options to obtain the right vehicle for your needs, allowing you to pay the total price in easy monthly installments and with attractive interest rates.

For example, in the Consumer Credit line we offer loans for the purchase or change of vehicle. This applies to the purchase of new or used cars in Costa Rica.

You can request this procedure online through a simple form.

In addition, we offer you payment facilities through Coopealianza Virtual, either in our App, transactional site o informative website where you can make your credit payments from wherever you are.

If you have any questions, contact us immediately at 2785-3000 or visit us at any of our offices around the country.

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