The selection of a career, academic or technical, is such an important decision that it is usually defining the future of the student, in economic, social and happiness terms.

Due to the repercussion that it will have, during the rest of the person's life, it is a decision that must be made regarding the evaluation of various factors, among which are:

But, when starting a career, the comforts that each institution grants to its students, such as costs, royalties, scholarships and discounts, are also determining factors.

In this economic aspect, Coopealianza It comes in support of the students associated with the cooperative and, in some cases, with benefits extended to their families, through discount agreements with thirty universities, institutes and language centers.

The agreements include a whole range of benefits, among which you can find:

Each of the educational entities with which Coopealianza RL has signed an agreement has its own benefit plan for students and teachers and, as a complement to the sponsorships for academic training, the beneficiaries are also making their way as subjects of credit of the cooperative.

If you want to know which are the institutions with which we have agreements, enter our website Or, contact us at any of our offices. At Coopealianza we advise you as a friend to achieve your goals.