Historically, Guanacaste has been characterized by its enormous contribution to the country's economy, through agricultural, livestock, and electricity production; but its contribution is increasing, thanks to tourism and industry.

In the agricultural field, it is a great producer of rice, sugar, orange, melon, corn, beans; provides Costa Rica with 35% of the electrical energy, through hydroelectric, geothermal and solar sources; and it is a leading territory in the production of cattle.

As a complement, tourism has had an exponential rise towards beaches and mountains of indescribable beauty, which is explained in the development of infrastructure: roads, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and the emblematic Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport.

But Guanacaste's economic dynamics continue to grow, thanks to the boost from the housing, industrial and commercial sectors:

All these factors have contributed to making Guanacaste an increasingly pleasant province to live, start businesses and the opportunities are greater, when it becomes possible to acquire properties in excellent conditions of price and financing.

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