Do you want to go for a walk on vacation? Request your personal credit and enjoy

Do you dream of traveling this end and beginning of the year? Plan the trip, prepare your bags with peace of mind, we will finance you. In Coopealianza credits for personal expenses that can cover the costs of your dream vacation with competitive and stable rates, long terms to pay, fast and personalized procedures, few requirements and terms in accordance with the […]

Plan class entrance fees

The end and beginning of the year has arrived, and with it the start of the 2023 school year approaches, which also represents one of the most significant expenses for all families. In fact, according to a study by the Costa Rican Ministry of Economy (MEIC), the cost of entering classes last year ranged between ¢84 thousand […]

Start the year with more order in your finances with the debt unification service

Does each month make it more difficult for you to collect the money from all the installments you must pay to the banks? Do you not have a lot of money left to cover your needs and less to indulge in some luxury or entertainment because you spend a large part of your salary to pay interest on debts? You could be a person […]

How to invest the money? Learn about term certificates

At Coopealianza we are always looking for ways to help our associates achieve financial freedom and a better quality of life. For this reason, today we want to talk about the option of investing in term certificates of deposit. What is a Term Certificate of Deposit? It is a low-risk savings tool […]

Plan your Easter holidays: 3 destinations you can visit

Yes, we are just celebrating the Christmas and New Year holidays, but many people have already started planning their dream vacation for next Easter. Planning ahead will allow you to get the best flight deals and book hotels early, as well as manage your things to ensure that you can travel with […]

Credit card security recommendations

One of the most uncomfortable and worrying situations that a person can face is the loss – or even worse, the theft or misuse – of their credit card. The credit card is not money given, it is a loan that the financial entity makes you because it trusts in your ability to use […]

3 books on personal finance that you can read

personal finance books

Most of us were not educated well on personal finance. Perhaps it happened to you that you were never taught to save and, now as an adult, it is difficult for you to save even a small amount each month. Or maybe it was a person who suffered a lot of hardships during his childhood and now […]

Financial Tips for Young Adults

Financial Tips for Young Adults

Young adults are experiencing one of the best times of their lives, in our 20s and 30s we have many dreams and goals that we want to achieve. For example, doing a Master's degree abroad, setting up our own company, traveling, buying our first vehicle or buying our own house. All those dreams are very valid and […]