Wherever you look at them, the savings and term deposit certificates they are the best investment tool offered by the national financial system. The saver keeps his money safe and fixed for a defined period and enjoys a profit.

In addition to the attractive interest rates and the support of a solid institution that has been growing for more than 47 years, Coopealianza offers its members various investment plans, so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs:

  1. Term savings: It is the basis for a future investment in a vehicle, home, vacation, study, health or special activities. Create a savings plan with attractive interest rates, through systematic deposits and at the term that the saver prefers. This type of saving It is offered to the affiliate through various options: Christmas Savings, Savings for Marchamo, Investment Savings and Easy Savings.
  2. Fixed-term savings: The investor achieves excellent returns through Savings Certificates at the fixed term that best suits his interests. These certificates allow savers to obtain attractive interest rates, receive the automatic interest payment service to their debit card, enjoy the automatic renewal service and have access to Coopealianza Virtual.
  3. Fixed Term Savings with Certificates Earn More: Through this modality, the attractive interest rates are capitalized monthly. They are payable upon maturity of the certificate, so the longer the term of the investment, the greater the profit obtained.

In Fixed Term Certificates Earn More, the payment of interest is made automatically, at the end of the investment term. In addition, savers have access to Coopealianza Virtual and the Back to Back credit.

Investments in Costa Rica

The Fixed Term Certificates and Savings Certificates of Coopealianza RL are the best investment. Contact us by phone number 2785-300, contact us through our social networks or through our website. Our service agents will assist you.