La credit card It is an invaluable tool for dealing with emergencies and even for accessing cash through ATMs, but misuse can have serious consequences.

Its importance is unappealable, when it comes to covering unforeseen events such as: hospitalization expenses, an unscheduled trip, vehicle repair, but access to credit should never be confused with an salary extension.

The proper use of the card brings important benefits, such as a history that strengthens it as a subject of credit.

In order for our associates to make proper use of their credit cards, we list a series of factors that must be taken into account:

Remember: the credit card is a mechanism created to provide solutions.

On the basis of the benefit provided by this financial instrument, Coopealianza RL makes available to its associates the VISA-Coopealianza credit cards. They are quality products that have the backing of one of the Costa Rican cooperatives with greater stability, trajectory and projection. Consult to advise 2785-3000.