In a time when receipt books, invoices, printed on paper, give way to digital documents, it would not make sense to sacrifice time and money to go and stamp a signature.

With a digital signature "Enough and surplus" to give a document the legal character that is needed to acquire a commitment or to demand its fulfillment.

And yet, a digital signature is nothing more than a set of characters (letters, numbers, and symbols) that are added to the end of a document, to give it the same validity that a handwritten signature has.

Of course, this must be granted by an authorized entity, so that it acquires legal validity and, to obtain the certification, a series of complex mathematical operations comes into play, so that no one can copy or adulterate it.

A digital signature has numerous advantages:

In principle, because they are "algorithms", "cryptographic signatures" and other characteristic concepts of computing, the creation and use of digital signatures may seem impossible to understand when you are not familiar with digital issues.

It is logical. Trying to understand how "software" of any kind works is not available to everyone. But, in practice, creating the digital signature is a simple process. An expert in managing the program guides you, step by step, so that you can create and validate the signature (which only you know).

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