When you are processing a loan to achieve the dream of having your own home, every minute counts. In the financial system there are many options where the client must wait for weeks to find out if their credit will be approved or not, in addition to an endless series of requirements, which generates stress, anxiety and worry.


Thinking precisely about that, and with the aim of helping our associates, at Coopealianza we guarantee that your credit will be approved within 10 business days.

What does that mean? That in 2 weeks you will already have the certainty that you will obtain the money to buy a lot or a house. That does not necessarily mean that you will be disbursed immediately, but it will have the credit approved.

This loan to acquire a house already built or to build on one's own lot has a maximum amount of ¢119.700.000 for a housing solution of a maximum of ¢133.000.000.

In this way, you will have a home that allows you to:

Start building this goal now by requesting your credit online or visit our offices and ask about the requirements to start the process immediately. We will love to serve you.