To cover expenses and solve unforeseen events, you can make decisions that represent commitments to financial institutions, but accumulating several debts and keeping track of them all at the same time is complicated and could hinder the path to your financial freedom.

That is, being up to date and remembering the interest rates, conditions, and payment dates of different credits is not easy, and its consequences can be serious for your pocket and quality of life.

Some people go into debt until the financial burden becomes an unmanageable snowball, and this leads to over-indebtedness.

This could be because they accepted loans - to buy a car, house or travel and even because of excessive use of the credit card - and that, initially, they seemed easy to pay, but later their income changed, a very common situation as a result of the pandemic, and the money is simply not enough, causing anguish, stress and even depression.

Have you felt that you work and work, but the money that comes to you is not enough to advance with the payment of your debts, assume the interests and continue to meet your needs and those of your family?

Faced with such a situation, at Coopealianza we offer the possibility of recast your debts, unifying all your current credits into one account, with accessible fees, fast procedures and personalized advice.

How does debt consolidation work?