Having your own home is one of our great aspirations. Living by renting a home deprives us of the freedom to rearrange the spaces, without the possibility of making extensions, on occasions without the right to listen to music or have pets, and generally paying monthly payments, without getting anywhere.

The house should meet conditions that improve the quality of life, such as:

To the countless advantages of owning a home, economic security is added. Buying a house is not an expense, but an investment, because every colon you invest in it acquires value, over the years.

We recommend making the decision. In Coopealianza we provide purchase options for houses and lots with discounts and facilities of financing, throughout the country, for example: Guanacaste, Puntarenas, Pérez Zeledón, Limón, Golfito, among others.

Make an excellent investment, buying a property in Coopealianza.

Find out on the website coopealianza.fi.cr, in its section properties about the houses and lots for sale, also, in our App Coopealianza Virtual or communicate with us through the telephone number 2785-3000, through our social networks or visit us at any of our offices.

We advise you as a friend!