We all dream of having our own house; a safe place for our family, where we can receive friends, rest and share. However, the process of obtaining a loan for the purchase of a lot and construction is generally not easy.

That is why at Coopealianza we offer you the best advice according to your needs.

En FirstIf you have not yet found the ideal lot for your home, at Coopealianza we have a section of properties for sale in Costa Rica and with incredible discounts. From farms, lots and homes with various locations.

From our page you can explore the property file and also leave us your data through a form so that you can be contacted later. So you can get your property at competitive prices and excellent financing conditions.

En second place: You can also call us by phone or visit any of our branches throughout the country to request personalized advice on credits for the purchase of lots and construction.

We accompany the buyer, evaluating the property, following up on the sale process and calculating the mortgage loan, so that the client adjusts their payment conditions.

En third place: We have fast procedures that guarantee the approval of your credit for a lot or home within 10 business days. In other words, in 2 weeks you will be sure that you will obtain the money to buy a lot or a house. This does not necessarily mean that you will be disbursed immediately, but you will have the credit approved, if you meet the requirements.

However what are those requirements? If you want to buy a house already built:

If you need to buy lot and build:

For questions or queries you can contact us at 2785-3000 or request your credit here.