Running out of money or with limited economic resources, during a business trip, study or vacation abroad, can become a bad experience that no one wants to live.

Certainly, the traveler usually takes certain precautions, such as dividing the money he carries, into segments and distributing it in his wallet, suitcases, secret bag and even in his shoes; but the strategy is not entirely comfortable or safe.

Instead, a credit card With international use, it allows you to buy air tickets, pay for hotels and make purchases in shops around the world, with the guarantee offered by insurance against theft, loss or fraud.

As a complement, a credit card to travel abroad, issued in Costa Rica, allows the user to access discounts or bonuses, pay in months without interest and create a convenient record that facilitates other credit procedures within the country.

Travel credit cards

At Coopealianza RL we have available to members the international credit cards Visa / Coopealianza, Classic, Gold and Platinum, so that they can make their purchases outside national borders, easily and safely.


The most widely accepted credit card in stores, supermarkets, hotels, travel agencies and other businesses, in the international arena.


To make purchases, nationally or internationally, and schedule recurring payments, such as subscriptions, telephone services and insurance, up to 100% of the approved quota.


Intended for associates / clients who have demonstrated loyalty to our cooperative and have sufficient financial capacity to cover their expenses for privileged services, such as first class trips or exclusive shops and restaurants.

The Visa / Coopealianza cardholder receives multiple benefits, such as:

  • Competitive interest rate.
  • Term for financing of 60 months.
  • Online shopping.
  • Policy against theft or fraud.
  • Subscription of automatic payments for public services, cable television, tuition fees, policies, among other services.
  • Notification of your Credit Card transactions by SMS.
  • Discounts in hotels, restaurants, shops and payment of entry to the VIP lounges of more than 1300 airports, with the Platinum Card.


Our credit cards also give associates access to other benefits, such as buying the balances of other debts, enjoying the administration of their account without charges, receiving an electronic account statement monthly and making the payment from the transactional site and the APP of Coopealianza.

We invite you to know in detail our instructive about credit cards for international travel, from Costa Rica, and the terms of the contract revolving credit line opening and issuance of credit card use.

Travel abroad with peace of mind and comfort, with the backing of an international Visa / Coopealianza credit card.  Contact us for more information.