Coopealianza offers the possibility of consolidating your debts. This ensures that you continue to pay a single monthly installment, for a single loan, with interest rates adjusted to your financial means.

How It Works

Coopealianza carries out a credit study according to requirements and they valued the options with a new credit which is used to cancel the loans of the applicant to other entities.

You go from having two or more credits with different entities to a single loan with Coopealianza and in excellent conditions, offering you greater control over income and available resources, and more liquidity; which will give you peace of mind and a better quality of life, among other benefits.

It is definitely more manageable to pay a single institution, on one date, than to pay several, on different dates.

But What are the proven benefits of doing debt consolidation with us?

  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Long terms to pay.
  • Agile and fast processing.
  • Personalized attention and advice.


Contact us, we are experts in debt consolidation. Let us advise you in an efficient and personalized way. Call us at 2785-3000 or enter your information here! e our credit application form.