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We offer you financing lines according to your needs.

Consumer Credit

Generate excellent returns

Debt Unification
Get your peace of mind back. Improve your liquidity and the financial structure of your debts.

Personal expenses
Ideal for going on vacation, buying or changing a vehicle, attending to urgent expenses, among other options.

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Business Credit

Generate excellent returns

We advise you to provide you with the best credit according to your needs.

• Development Bank       

We are operators authorized by the Development Banking System, discover the benefits of loans aimed at supporting and strengthening Micro and Small companies, in their different financing needs.

• Revolutive Lines of Credit
With your revolving credit line, maintain stable cash flow, financing your working capital and meeting short-term financial needs "

• Direct Credit

Excellent for the purchase of fixed and productive assets that your company requires. Empower your business and go further with this credit option.

• Invoice Discount
Do not run out of liquidity by waiting for the collection of your bills to expire. We offer you financing based on your invoices receivable.

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Housing Credit

Generate excellent returns

• Housing Construction
We make your dream of building your own home come true quickly and easily.

• Homebuying
Coopealianza helps you with your dream of owning your own home. Make it happen in an agile way, through our home loans.

• Home Remodeling
Beautify your home or repair it as soon as possible. We finance everything you want for your home.

• Lot Purchase
Get your own lot in less time and in an agile way, let us finance you.

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