According to recent data from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, 94% of Costa Rican companies are made up of micro and small companies, an encouraging number for institutions of the social solidarity economy.

Statistics reveal the initiative of a very high percentage of Costa Ricans, to take actions to forge an independent and promising future.

But the scope of this entrepreneurial capacity is even more revealing, if you start from the difficulties that the entrepreneur usually encounters when he goes out to seek support in the traditional financial market.

Fast and uncomplicated

Representatives of micro, small and medium-sized companies must meet sometimes complex requirements and wait for generally slow and tedious procedures, at a time when resources are needed to meet needs or take advantage of immediate opportunities.

Aware of the business culture of Costa Ricans and the importance of financial support at crucial moments, such as the increase in the payroll, the equipment and the expansion of the company, in Coopealianza RL we create a line of credit for companies.

We help the businessman to grow, through the best options of financing, without impossible requirements and without cumbersome procedures. We support the entrepreneur during their initial steps and help them acquire the fixed and productive assets that strengthen their business processes.

Strengthen your business

The Coopealianza member has various financing options at his disposal, always within a concept of integral development. One of them works through the Development Banking system.

This financing option was designed to support the economically, technically and financially viable projects of individual entrepreneurs and MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), so often neglected by the commercial banking system.

Other financing alternatives, such as revolving credit and direct credit, are aimed at covering short-term needs (working capital, purchase of raw materials, remuneration from suppliers) and the acquisition of assets, for expansion.

As a complement, the invoice discount plan allows the company to recover the liquidity it needs to pay suppliers and keep the company active, when the payment of money corresponding to credit sales is delayed.

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