Occasionally different needs arise in our daily life such as: remodeling or buying a house, travel, car, studies, among others; To achieve this, one option is to apply for credit, which allows improving personal and family living conditions.

Trying to achieve goals takes away our peace of mind; since we think about the payments, the amortization of the debt and paying the interests, on different dates, which leaves us without liquidity because a large part of our salary goes into these payments.

Debt unification

A good option to this drawback is to carry out a debt unification process, which offers benefits such as: carrying out a single one, lowering the monthly fee, improving the interest rate, among other benefits, facilitating having more liquidity and tranquility.

If you need to improve your liquidity at Coopealianza we advise you as a friend.

Enjoy our credit benefits:

Competitive rates

Long terms to pay.

Agile, fast and personalized attention.

Terms in accordance with the activity and the investment plan to be financed.

Financial advice.

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At Coopealianza you can request your credit through multiple channels. You can do it through the Information Center at the number 2785-3000, to WhatsApp 8554-3000, through the Cooepalianza Facebook, in form on the website or through our 51 offices located throughout the country.

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