If you need a loan urgently, and you have a property, getting a home loan will always be a good option.

What is a mortgage?

It is about establishing a contract through which Coopealianza, as a financial entity, lends you an amount of money for the acquisition of a property, during a set period. You offer your property - the one you are going to buy - as collateral.

In other words, a mortgage loan is the amount of money that we would grant you to, for example, buy a home, assuming the guaranteed obligation so that, in the event of non-payment, the guarantee of repayment of the loan would be the property itself.

In this way, it is the same property that provides the interested party with the opportunity to obtain credit and that which supports the financial institution.

What benefits does a mortgage loan offer at Coopealianza?

  • The house can be occupied as soon as the terms of the loan contract are formalized.
  • The amortization and interest payments are an investment, rather than taking out an amount of money each month just to rent a house.
  • We grant the forms of amortization that best adapt to the possibilities of your associates.
  • We accompany and advise you to make a good investment.
  • An insurance system is adopted to protect the home against situations that can be devastating, such as thefts, earthquakes and fires.
  • Interest rates are lower than other types of credit.

Apply for your mortgage loan, contact us via online chat or information center.

You also have the possibility to complete a form that appears on our website so that we will provide you with personalized attention and seek the best solution for you.