Some of us love to travel, add unique experiences in destinations other than the place where we were born, meet people from another culture and make friends. Many of us dream of visiting Paris, Madrid, Prague, New York or Rio de Janeiro.

And it is that, traveling around the world offers a series of advantages such as:

But traveling also requires paying for hotels, train tickets, restaurant dinners, taxis, and much more. Also, many of us like to travel to shop, so definitely having access to a credit card is essential because they are accepted in thousands of shopping centers around the world.

Paying by credit card also guarantees practicality by reducing cash, avoiding complications due to currency exchange, convenience to pay, being a safe and fast method. And in certain hotels it is the only possible way to stay or to rent a car in a rent a car.

The plastic also serves to keep a better control of your expenses during the trip.

For our associates who love to travel, we always recommend using the Visa Coopealianza, Classic, Gold, Platinum and soon Infinite credit cards. All are international and offer extraordinary conditions.

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