Coopealianza will be participating in the New Year's Eve light festivals, with an inspiring message that addresses the benefits of Costa Rican fauna and the vocation of the inhabitants to protect and share it.

Our float, which will join the parades programmed in communities in the country with the slogan "The Natural is to Share", will include representative images of fauna, such as the toucan, tapir, tamarin monkey, jaguar, toucan, butterfly morpho, red frog, iguana, limpet, and quetzal.

2019 is the fourth consecutive year that Coopealianza shares with its associates, the community and customers, in general, a message gives thanks, on the occasion of the Christmas celebrations.

With its participation in the Christmas parades, Coopealianza is positioned as a Costa Rican company of national scope, and with the motto "The Natural is to Share", it accompanies Costa Rica in its international positioning as a country of great natural wealth and friendly people.

In addition to doing it with the float, which will be present at seven festivals, Coopealianza will sponsor the presence of the Banda de Acosta, Light and Band Festivals, and groups of older adults, who will participate in the Pérez Zeledón and Nicoya festivals. .

Activity program

Events and locations Date
Ritmo y Sabor Festival- Siquirres 1st December
La Perla Brilla International Festival- Puntarenas 6 December
Festival Lights of the Pérez Zeledón Valley 7 December
Nicoya Brilla Festival: 7 December
Christmas Festival of Bands of Coronado 13 December
Illuminating Corridors Festival (Neily City) 14 December
Festival of Light San José December 14
Sarchí Christmas Festival December 19
Desamparados Christmas Festival 21 December
Acosta Christmas Festival 22 December


In order for the float's message to be interactive and transcend time, we created the Coopealianza Parques App (an augmented reality card) to host the images of the fauna species that accompany us in the campaign, with their respective characteristics .

The images, with the characteristics of each species, will also be printed, so that the public can acquire them at any of our offices.

And, as a complement to this day of end of the year celebrations, all the Coopealianza offices, located throughout the national territory, will be dressed in Christmas colors and will have a symbolic cypress tree.