IBAN converter

Know your IBAN account number

IBAN converter

Through the following converter you can obtain the IBAN number of your accounts, you only have to enter the client account of Coopealianza or any financial institution.

Enter your customer account number

Account number: IBAN account:

The IBAN account Iinternational Bank Aaccount Number which stands for International Bank Account Number, is a standardized structure that identifies fund accounts both nationally and internationally. This format was promulgated by the European Committee on Banking Standards, it complies with the ISO-13616 norm and through directive from the Central Bank of Costa Rica it is implemented in the country.

Today your customer account looks like this:
Client Account: 17-digit structure (numeric)
813 0000 9007 4081 20 (local interbank use via Sinpe)

Your IBAN account will be displayed as follows:
CR 02 0 81300009007408120 (22-digit structure, alphanumeric)

CR Country code
02 Random check digit
0 Adds a zero (0) before the customer account
17 digits of the customer account.

• Make payments between accounts and operations of the cooperative.
• Make payments between national financial entities via Sinpe.

In the Sinpe transfers that you make from July 31, 2019, you must have the IBAN Account number of the destination client, also make sure to use the IBAN Coopealianza Account as the origin account of the transaction.

At Coopealianza we automatically make the change using our technology, without affecting the operations you carry out.

• Our website coopealianza.fi.cr/iban, where the converter from Client Account to IBAN Account is located, so that you can make quick inquiries.

And it is also available in:

• Your account statements.

• In the printed vouchers in transactions carried out in boxes, ATMs and cards.

Through telephone consultations to Tel. 27853000.

• In our 50 branches throughout the country.