Living or having businesses in Alajuela has great advantages:


Within this framework, at Coopealianza we have a wide range of properties in Alajuela, including lots to build the house of your dreams.

Lot in Upala. Located in El Salto neighborhood of the Catholic Church 50m north on the right hand side. It measures 1394.00 m2 and has access to a public street. More information HERE.

Lot in downtown Upala. Located in Barrio Cuatro Cruces, Llano Azul, from La Plaza de Deportes 150 meters south. It measures 898.14 m2, has access to a public street and its topography is flat, ideal for building your future home. lot details HERE.

Beautiful lot in Pocosol de San Carlos. Located in Barrio Santa Rosa, 65 meters east of the southeast corner of La Plaza de Deportes, right hand lot. Also with access to public street and flat topography. See the photos and all the information HERE.

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