Costa Ricans have a wide offer of financial services in state and private banking entities and cooperative institutions of savings and credit, among which could not miss the plans to increase their capital.

It is important for the saver to analyze the plans that are most profitable, but it is also important to consider the social projection of each of these financial institutions.

The cooperatives of savings and creditBecause of those principles of solidarity that govern cooperativism, they reserve part of the resources obtained through financial operations to works of social interest.

As an additional contribution, a solidarity institution such as Coopealianza RL, we have developed a structure and a business concept aimed at offering our associates close, personalized attention, with the best interest rates.

More than 193 thousand associates, throughout the country, explain the growth that Coopealianza has had throughout its 47 years of existence. They are associates who have the opportunity to make their investments safe, with the term that best suits their expectations, with favorable benefits such as:

At Coopealianza we advise you as a friend. When you look for the best banks to save in Costa Rica, think about investing in Coopealianza, strengthen the principles of the solidarity economy and obtain higher returns, through the investment modalities that we have for you.

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