There is nothing worse than facing an emergency or coming across a great opportunity and not having the money to face it or take advantage of it. In that context, the t they become the ideal ally.

Advantages of using credit cards

Cash at your fingertips. As we already mentioned, when you need to assume an expense quickly, a credit card offers you a kind of instant loan to cover that need.

They are safe. The cards provide financial support with high security standards. However, it is recommended that the credit card not be the main method of purchasing products or services, but rather that it be used only for certain strategic expenses. Many even include insurance in case of accident or travel.

They allow you a deferred payment. That is, you can buy something using the credit card and "pay back" that money at a later time. Unlike debit cards that use the current balance of the account, with a credit card it is possible to make expenses that we would not have how to pay at the time.

Global availability. Credit cards can be used to make purchases all over the world. And even, they are requested in hotels when we travel abroad.

Greater control of spending. Because all withdrawals and purchases are reflected in your monthly report, making it easier to identify our habits and establish greater spending control.

Estos son los de algunos credit card benefits that you can obtain with the advice of Coopealianza.

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