According to the National Digital Certification System of Costa Rica, the Digital Signature is "a method that associates the identity of a person or team, with an electronic message or document, to ensure its authorship and integrity."

In addition, it is a technological solution that allows a person to authenticate on the Internet and sign electronic documents with all the legal support.

This has benefits in terms of practicality, functionality and efficiency as it prevents a person from having to physically move to do paperwork with public institutions. And it also gives security and confidence to electronic documents.

For that reason, it is an ideal tool for business people, entrepreneurs and executives or managers of companies and organizations.

At Coopealianza, we offer the opportunity to make your appointment to manage the digital signature, thanks to our online procedure system.

What other procedures can be carried out with the digital signature, especially if you are an entrepreneur?

As reported by the national press, with the digital signature you can:

  • Submit the forms to the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, sign and validate documents with this entity, and make registrations or employer resumes online.
  • Carry out the sanitary registration of food, cosmetics, natural products, medicines or diet supplements.
  • Web authentications and transaction signing can be done in various banking entities.
  • Send signed plans to the College of Engineers and Architects (CFIA) and carry out other authentications with that entity.
  • Send complaints to ARESEP to report any anomaly about public services.
  • Establish internal work regulations before the Ministry of Labor.
  • Pay policies of the National Insurance Institute.
  • Request the crime sheet.

So now you know, if you need to process your Digital Signature, make your appointment today and from home. Manage it with us, we will be happy to assist you.