In Costa Rica there are around 140 SMEs and the number continues to grow, showing its importance for the country's economy and for hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and workers.

In descending order, the SMEs they serve as engines of development for the service sector, commerce, agricultural production, industry and other sectors with various classifications. They provide 33% of the country's workforce.

After a consequent period of consolidation, a good part of them has gone from the production and marketing of their products or services to exports. Such is the importance of SMEs in the economic development and well-being of such a wide sector of Costa Rican society.

Additional importance to economic contribution and job creation of SMEs It is the empowerment of Costa Ricans who work in search of better living conditions, in an independent and growing way.

At the same time, as startups, SMEs are dynamic companies that operate between dynamic and innovative processes that impose on the competition the need to innovate and modify their structures.

Aware of the contribution of SMEs to the particular well-being of the entrepreneur and his collaborators and to the local, regional and country economies, at Coopealianza we created a special line of SME loans in Costa Rica.

As befits an entity that protects the interests of its affiliates, our specialists in financing They analyze the viability of the project with the entrepreneur and once the credit has been granted, they follow-up to verify that progress is being made towards achieving the objective.

Among the loan options available by Coopealianza for SMEs are:

En Coopealianza We believe in SMEs as sources of entrepreneurship, the generation of goods and services and human and social development and we are here to offer you our advice and support as a friend.

Contact us at 2785-3000, visit us at any of our offices located throughout the country or you can provide us with your information here: Credit application form.