To the varied list of services that Coopealianza has at its disposal, you can also make the payment of the 2022 mark at any of its branches. Remember that, if you do not pay it on time, you expose yourself to a series of fines.

The deadline for payment of this right of circulation is December 31, 2021, however, in Coopealianza this payment is enabled until January 15, 2022.

• PROMOTION: Earn by paying your mark on time

For this year, we have a campaign that will reward those who pay the March in Coopealianza through a raffle, they are 10 winners of half a million colones each. It takes place from November 01, 2021 to January 15, 2022 and the date of the draw: February 04, 2022.

Participation is done through electronic shares, which may be obtained by acquiring:

  1. One share for each canceled label.
  2. An action when acquiring a complementary product: Self-dispatch Plus Protection, Self-dispatch Civil Liability, Self-dispatch Safe Belongings and Marchamo Roadside Assistance.

• Facilities for the payment of the Marchamo

We have created a series of facilities so that you can pay the mark on time and avoid headaches and fines:

  1. You can pay at any of the Coopealianza offices throughout the country or through the website, online procedures section: or directly in
  2. We have financing through Visa-Coopealianza credit cards for: 3 months without interest and 6 and 12 months with financing.

• Shipping of label to home

In addition to the benefit of participating in the above promotion, we also offer home delivery. You only have to make the payment of the mark online and our service agents will coordinate the shipment of the label to your place of work or residence.

• Savings for the next label

Remember that you can perform a a saving that allows you to pay this obligation without hitting your pocketbook by having to allocate the entire amount in a single tract. This systematic voluntary saving, generally agreed in monthly installments, will allow you to create a fund so that the following year you will have the money from this procedure.  

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