Some people take on debts until the financial burden becomes an unmanageable snowball.

They are often tempted by happy offers that offer them financial support to buy a car, a house, travel and acquire credit cards at unbeatable conditions.

But, at the moment of truth, they find that the commitments they have made are so many that they do not have enough income to pay the interest, pay off the debt and continue to face daily needs.

In order to face a situation so overwhelming, and so common, the resource of the debt consolidation.

A financial institution buys all the debts of its client and unifies them, so that it continues paying a single debt, with interest rates and repayment installments adjusted to its economic possibilities.

The debt, thus, consolidated, becomes a lifeline for debtors who reached a point of insolvency:

But debt consolidation should also become a sobering solution, about controlling spending. Some people, freeing themselves from the narrowness they lived through, fall into the vicious circle of increasing indebtedness, so it is important to remember how to avoid it.

En Coopealianza, our associates can recast your debts with favorable procedures and personalized advice.

We have the mechanism so that our associates can acquire a credit that allows them to cover the debts that they have with other companies, in favorable conditions for the payment of monthly payments, with competitive and stable interest rates. Contact Us at 2785-3000 and we will advise you to help you make the best decision.