There are many valid reasons for traveling; getting to know cities, living with people from other countries and other cultures, touring historical spaces, going to museums and monuments; But there is one, scientifically proven, that combines all the others: traveling is good for health.

Get out of the routine and abandon the chores of daily life for a few days, put aside the daily bustle, enjoy the great things that we are going to experience during the holidays and bring back indelible memories that will accompany us forever.

Traveling is:

Emotional well-being: With a positive attitude, the most evident of the benefits of traveling is the reduction of stress and the consequent increase in emotional well-being.

Refresh the brain: The brain has been shown to undergo modifications, with no age limits. You have to train and stimulate it.

Strengthen the heart: The physical activity that is carried out during the trips is beneficial for anyone, especially for those who have a sedentary routine.

Increase self-esteem: Traveling is an experience that includes the opportunity to move, be in unknown places, meet other people, listen to people speaking in other languages. Adjusting to these situations enhances self-confidence, generates a source of memories and anecdotes, and helps to value what one has.

Be happy: Experiences and memories produce long-term pleasure, a feeling of happiness for experiences that other people have not been able to live.

Travel credit

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