Time flies. And although it seems that the new year was yesterday, the truth is that the time has come to plan our long-awaited year-end vacations. This 2022 we have the illusion of traveling abroad with less risk of Covid.

We deserve to know an incredible country! Or also visit friends or relatives abroad; play in the snow or rest on a paradisiacal beach in the Caribbean.

And if your dream has always been Europe, this is your great opportunity.

Benefits of traveling the world

Traveling gives us benefits just by planning a new adventure. A previous study published by the University of Surrey in the UK, also found that people feel happier when planning a vacation.

By traveling, we open our minds to new possibilities. Abroad, we are constantly in contact with places, cultures, languages, people, customs and traditions that expand and renew our perspective of the world. Traveling makes us more globally and culturally aware.

Travel encourages us to dream, and helps us to be more creative and free; it also pushes new boundaries in our personal growth.

It has been shown that after three days of returning from vacation, travelers have a better mood, greater capacity for rest and lower levels of anxiety. In other words, a good experience when traveling is translated into mental and physical health.

Coopealianza offers credits for travel expenses

At Coopealianza we offer you the possibility of financing your trip to enjoy the much-needed vacation and regain emotional stability and vigor to continue working. Also, this is a gift that you deserve.

With our line of personal credits, you can cover the expenses of your dream vacation without having to wait to save the full amount to be able to travel.

At Coopealianza we are characterized by:

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In addition, to cover the expenses of a trip we also offer international credit cards.

Contact Us if you have any questions or require more information about the credit conditions to cover travel expenses abroad. We have many financing options that could be tailored to your needs. Call us right away.