Many times, even if you are a responsible person who saves and takes care of your money, plans your budget and works hard, you will need help to achieve your goals.

This means that you may need a loan to buy the house of your dreams, your first car, assume unforeseen events or support the growth of your company.

For this reason, at Coopealianza we have a broad portfolio of credit options such as:

The line of Consumer Credit for unification of debts or personal expenses.

The line of Business Credit with funds from Banking for Development or Revolving Credit Lines to maintain stable cash flow. Also the Direct Credit or the Discount of Invoices.

And finally the credit alternatives for construction or purchase of housing, remodeling, and purchase of a lot.

All with easy requirements, agile procedures, personalized attention and conditions adaptable to your needs and income level.

Now, in Coopealianza you can apply for your loan online.


Enter this same website and first write down your identification number in our simple virtual form.

Subsequently, you will be asked for your contact information such as telephone number and email so that our agents can communicate with you and provide you with all the advice your case requires.

Also, there is a space to explain your request.

And at the end you will be asked to accept the privacy terms and conditions.

In this way, your process begins and every minute you will be closer to the approval of your credit and your dreams come true.


Also remember that from your own home and on this same platform you can make a series of procedures on the table:

And from the application you can also pay your credit card, public services and make transfers; carry your own electronic wallet and view the movements of your account in real time.

Contact Us if you need more information.