Having your own home is not only the right of everyone to have a private space to live, but also the right to form a home, have a family and live in comfort and dignity.

Buying a lot to build or purchase a home, however, is not easy for the vast majority of people. The acquisition of a lot or a house requires a significant effort at an economic level.

In any country, with high, low or medium economic rates, buying a home or a lot for housing is usually a challenge, especially when the ability to save meets the expenses that arise on a day-to-day basis.

Buy your house in Coopealianza

For a large sector of the Costa Rican population, the possibility of acquiring a house depends on a reasonable family income and the financial support that it can obtain from a banking institution.

This support can be found in an entity such as Coopealianza, a savings and credit cooperative that has accompanied its associates since 1971.

Since then, Coopealianza has grown, bringing the benefits of the social economy to more and more cooperative members throughout the national territory.

Through one of its credit modalities, Coopealianza helps you to buy a lot that strengthens your housing project, to build or buy your own house, in an agile and fast way.

We offer you the opportunity to obtain your own lot in the best time and in an agile way, with competitive and stable rates and long terms according to the activity and the investment plan to be financed.

We invite you to visit us at any of the offices or to contact us through our phones 2785-3000 o 8554-3000 in in our Facebook chat.

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