After having your own home, brand new vehicle is surely the greatest satisfaction in a person's life and in the vast majority of cases, the possibility of acquiring it depends on financing.

One of the great advantages of acquiring a new vehicle is the security that you will be able to move without the slightest setback, for various reasons. One, because the components are new and work perfectly.

Another good reason is the guarantee offered by the distribution agencies. The agency provides maintenance up to 10 or 15 thousand km., Depending on the company that manufactured the vehicle.

For the rest, the satisfaction of having a new vehicle brings a series of technological advantages, in terms of safety, fuel consumption, engine performance and various amenities, among other beneficial features.

At Coopealianza we offer associates loans for the purchase of a vehicle, through quick, personalized procedures with few requirements.

In addition, we advise you as a friend and in compliance with the principles of the social solidarity economy, of which we are part, we privilege our associates with long-term loans and competitive and stable rates.

We act with the purpose of contributing to the improvement of the well-being of our associates, because we believe in their work, effort and development.

We are a leading cooperative in the financial system with 52 offices strategically located in 32 cantons of the seven provinces of Costa Rica. Visit us at any of our offices or contact us, through our various means of contact.

At Coopealianza we give you solutions!