Loans for tourism

A study published by the Journal of Positive Psychology, among others, concluded that certain chemical components of the human body (which trigger happiness and positive emotions) are activated from the moment we start planning a trip.

At Coopealianza, we know from experience that getting to know new cultures, climates, cuisines or customs is one of the best investments we can make for ourselves and our family or partner.

Definitely, traveling gives us joy, encourages reflection or encourages personal discovery. And, in the end, we are left with an invaluable treasure made up of all those good memories and experiences that will go home with us.

Traveling offers a series of benefits such as:

Should we make a loan to be able to travel?

Many people never realize their dream of traveling by waiting to have all the money saved before buying tickets or planning their trip. But the truth is that day-to-day expenses can prevent the possibility of traveling at all because we always spend our money on other things.

In that context, Acquiring a travel credit is an excellent option because we can live the experience first and then cover the expenses progressively, in installments.

Now, should we ask for a loan to cover the expenses of the trip?

The most honest answer is that it depends entirely on each person's borrowing capacity. Ideally, you should not be in debt for more than 30% of your income per month, so that this does not lead to financial overstrain.

Now, it also depends on the conditions offered by the financial institution to acquire the credit.

Conditions of credits for travel in Coopealianza

In Coopealianza we offer you travel credits with:

If you are thinking of doing national tourism or abroad this year, contact us immediately to advise you financially.