Financing is a determining factor for the existence, subsistence and growth of the vast majority of companies, and all, large or small, have the opportunity to obtain the financial support they need from Coopealianza.

A financial company of a social nature, such as Coopealianza, has credit lines available that allow its members to access alternative financing that provide the opportunity to create a business and support it during its initial steps, up to the purchase of fixed and productive assets.

Financing mechanisms are conceived within a concept of integral development, in such a way that no one encounters obstacles when starting their business or private projects.

Development Bank

One of the mechanisms put by Coopealianza at the service of entrepreneurs and representatives of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) is financing through the Development Banking System.

This line of credit is aimed at financing economically, technically and financially viable projects that are not subject to the credit characteristic of the commercial banking system.

Revolving Credit

With this line of credit, our cooperative allows you to cover the short-term needs of your company, such as working capital, acquisition of raw materials or payment to suppliers.

This advantageous product has the main characteristic that a line of credit is opened for a certain period, in which the payments automatically form a new availability. Allows to obtain financing and increase liquidity, with a single procedure in the opening of credit.

Direct Credit

Every company requires financial resources that allow it to keep expanding and take advantage of opportunities that make it grow. This line of credit is excellent for purchasing fixed and productive assets.

Invoice Discount

One of the limitations that small and medium-sized companies face is the recurrent lack of liquidity caused by the slow recovery of money corresponding to credit sales. It is urgent to recover the monies to make the payments that correspond to the suppliers and keep the company active.

The invoice discount mechanism allows SMEs to obtain an immediate solution to their liquidity problems and, at the same time, give executives the opportunity to focus attention on the tasks and projects that determine business growth.

With this range of alternatives financingThere are no excuses for not promoting a business.

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