Dear Associate:

In Coopealianza it has been defined that, to guarantee the Sustainability and Permanence of the company, it is required that the members of the governing bodies are properly prepared and trained, which is in accordance with the provisions of the Superintendency of Financial Entities (SUGEF). Likewise, the Corporate Bylaws define that, to be and remain appointed to the corporate bodies, it is mandatory to have completed a training program developed by Coopealianza.

To achieve this objective, Coopealianza jointly designed with the Universidad Fundepos, a permanent study plan for Coopealianza associates, called "Permanent Training Program for Coopealianza members", which has been designed to guarantee that at the end of the program the participants obtain extensive knowledge of our cooperative and the administration of a financial entity.

This permanent training program will cover topics such as: Cooperative Doctrine, Organizational Culture, Risk Management, Prudential Supervision, Financial and Accounting Analysis, Corporate Social Responsibility, among a wide variety of topics.

This training program is taught bimonthly, online (On line), through a totally virtual platform. Once the online courses are completed, the student will be able to present a face-to-face test, with which they will obtain the certification issued by the Fundepos University. The process is planned to be completed in one year.

It is of great interest that you can take advantage of this opportunity provided by Coopealianza to its associates, at no cost, because you will be able to access training of a very good level and of high quality.

The enrollment period runs until October 31, 2019.

To make any query about this program or enroll you can call directly at 2785-3000, or by WhatsApp 8554-3000 or email