The Investment Certificate is a financial instrument used by the issuers of securities, to raise capital, in order to grow or finance their projects.

The Certificate of Deposit, as it is more commonly called, gives the investor three basic advantages:

Coopealianza has at the disposal of its associates various investment certificates, which facilitate the investor's interest in keeping their money safe and making a profit, according to their needs and preferences.

If you save to invest in a vehicle, a house, vacations, studies, health or some special activity, a term investment certificate provides you with attractive interest rates, which are automatically deposited into your account.

Through the plan fixed term savings, the associate obtains excellent returns that he can enjoy with his credit card, as the money is automatically deposited into his account. You can also opt for the automatic renewal service for your certificate.

And, by saving fixed-term certificates "Earn More", the investor obtains attractive interest rates, capitalized monthly. The longer the term of the investment, the greater the profit.

Don't keep your money at home or risk it on an uncertain investment. With a investment certificate of Coopealianza, you go safely. Contact us through the telephone number 2785-3000, on social networks or through our website.

Our advisors will give you the attention you deserve.

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