At Coopealianza we know what it is to start and build a successful and prosperous company from scratch, because we have done it for 50 years.

But we, like you, never imagined what it would be like to face a global public health pandemic and the need to reactivate the business in a new scenario, with new consumption habits among the population, greater access to technology and connectivity and great changes in different markets.

Exclusive credits

Therefore, from Coopealianza, we want to support you with specialized credits for SMEs and companies usually:

  • Development Banking System (SBD):

We are authorized operators and we have loans aimed at supporting and strengthening Micro and Small companies, in their different financing needs.

We occasionally have 4 duly approved SBD programs:

  • Financing of the agricultural sector - agricultural
  • Financing of the agricultural sector major livestock and minor livestock
  • Financing of the industry, commerce and services sectors
  • First impact

Of course, the credits are granted considering the life cycles of the projects in terms of term, grace periods and activity to be financed.

The investment plans are to cover topics such as:

  • Working capital
  • Purchase of real estate
  • Purchase of biological assets
  • Purchase and repair of productive activity
  • Buy equipment.
  • Repair of machinery for productive activity.

In addition to Banking for Development, at Coopealianza we have:

  • Revolving Credit Lines:

They serve so that your SME can maintain stable cash flow, financing its working capital and solving short-term financial needs such as the purchase of raw materials or payment to suppliers.  

  • Direct Credit:

Excellent for the purchase of fixed and productive assets that your company requires, generating the conditions to expand your company.

  • Invoice Discount:

An alternative so that you do not run out of liquidity when waiting for the due date of your invoices. We offer you financing based on your receivables.

A support for all companies

In this way, we know that By supporting SMEs we are creating the panorama to reactivate the economy and boost the country Thus, in 2020, an INEC survey revealed that 38,7% of micro-enterprises, for example, stated as their main need to maintain the business or grow, access to loans.

This was increased during 2020 and 2021 due to the effect of the pandemic. A CELIEM study concluded that 87% of SMEs in Costa Rica have been impacted and with a drop in their income due to COVID-19.

In fact, 2020 closed with 3.310 fewer companies than those that existed at the end of 2019. For the first time in four years, the number of companies was lower than those that existed in 2017, according to El Financiero.

Therefore, if you have an SME, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to support you to reactivate your business and move forward.