For half a century, Coopealianza has offered financial services that allow its associates to access a better quality of life, with greater financial freedom and the opportunity to serve others.

That includes those who are entrepreneurs, regardless of the size of their business. This in fulfillment of our social purpose.

And it is that, in Coopealianza, we understand that financing is a fundamental element for the birth, subsistence, growth and success of any company; and all companies, large or small, have the option of obtaining with us the financial support they need.

From time to time, we offer alternatives to financing that provide the opportunity to create a company and support it from its first steps, to the purchase of fixed and productive assets to be able to expand.

Therefore, we have an exclusive line of credit which includes loans for SMEs with funds from the Development Banking System and working capital credits.

The products of this exclusive line that would allow you to expand your company are:

  • Development Banking: This type of financing provides support to viable projects from the economic, technical and financial perspectives.  It is a loan aimed especially at SMEs and is nourished by:
  • A) The National Fund for Development (FONADE).
  • B) The Development Financing Fund (FOFIDE).
  • C) The Development Credit Fund (CDF).
  • D) The resources established in subsection ii) of Article 59 of Law No. 1644, Organic Law of the National Banking System, of September 26, 1953. (CREDES).
    In this way, it seeks to contribute to economic growth, financial inclusion, poverty reduction and the productive transformation of Costa Rica.
  • Revolving credit: It is a perfect alternative for the SME to cover short-term needs, such as working capital, the acquisition of raw materials or paying its suppliers.

It works by opening a line of credit for a defined term, in which payments are automatically converted into a new availability for other operations of the company.


  • El direct credit: It is an exclusive loan for the expansion of the company, through the purchase of fixed and productive assets.

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