Our house is the space of peace and security, where we are ourselves, we invite friends to dinner, celebrate family birthdays and live unforgettable moments with the people we appreciate.  

In addition, with the pandemic, we also use the house to work and study.

Therefore, we always want our home to be impeccable, the roofs and ceilings without leaks, the sidewalks without holes, and the complete painting, because those details, in addition to the finishes, and the electrification and water systems, make all the difference. and they offer us comfort, quality of life and tranquility.

Thinking about that, at Coopealianza we offer credits for remodeling, and to purchase a lot and construction, to build your home on your own lot or to buy a finished house. Just as you always dreamed!

And the best thing is that, among other requirements, anyone who has a stable and verifiable income of at least 12 consecutive months, can access this credit solution.

We also offer benefits such as competitive interest rates, long payment terms, agility in the process and personalized attention.

Let's build your dream of a better home together!

Contact us here, or call us at 2785-3000