In our house we receive friends and family, rest and sometimes even work and study.

For that reason, we love to see it in optimal conditions, decorated to our liking, being an extension of ourselves.

Precisely if you are thinking of remodeling or doing certain renovations in your home this end of the year, today we want to share some trends that we find in specialized architecture and interior design magazines.

Interior design at the forefront to close this 2022

It's time to get inspired and create you too. Here are 5 trends that we can incorporate into our home:

  1. Paint the interior of the house with the new color Pantone Very Peri 17-3938. This is a mixture of blue, red and violet colors. It will bring vitality and joy to our home. But if it seems too daring, you can also opt for colors similar to Very Pery. Analogous colors are those that are close to purple on the color wheel, such as pastel pinks. It's time to express our individuality through color therapy.
  2. Build a modern and minimalist office. Let it be a comfortable workspace, without distractions or excesses, that becomes the backdrop for professional video calls, where we can create and think calmly. Even technological elements such as whiteboards or projectors can be integrated.
  3. Transform your home into a smart home. We have already talked about the advantages of home automation technology to ensure a more interactive, safe and comfortable space. Investing in this type of device and functionality is a great idea to renew our home and transform the way we relate to it.
  4. Build outdoor spaces that provide a greater connection with nature. A post-pandemic trend is the construction of terraces, corridors, patios, and even outdoor showers, to improve the interaction between our home and the natural environment, giving us the perfect excuse to spend more time outdoors and without leaving home. As contradictory as that sounds.
  5. Incorporation of green solutions. Due to the increased awareness of the global climate crisis and the responsibility we have regarding our carbon footprint, individuals and families are interested in investing in green solutions that make their homes more sustainable by integrating solutions such as solar panels.

If you are determined to remodel or expand your house before the end of 2022, or want to transform it into a more sustainable or technological space, Contact us or visit any of our branches across the country. We have credits to cover all those needs and it will be a pleasure to advise you.