Having a vehicle makes our day to day easier, with our own vehicle we can travel to work, walk on weekends, pick up our children from school, go out dancing at night and do the shopping, among many other activities.

However, having a car is also a responsibility because for its correct operation, it requires continuous maintenance that includes at least:

  1. Oil change and oil filter
  2. Replacing the wiper blades
  3. Air filter change
  4. Scheduled maintenance
  5. New wheels
  6. Battery change
  7. Brake service/repair
  8. Additional antifreeze
  9. engine tuning
  10. Wheel Alignment/Balancing

There are even times when the repairs are really complex and, therefore, quite expensive. Who has not gone to the mechanic for a small noise in the car and ends up getting a not so pleasant surprise?

That is the type of expenses that can take us unnoticed and tremendously affect our budget.

If with our income we are covering our needs, but we do not maintain large savings, when the vehicle is damaged we may need a loan.

Coopealianza is your ally, that's why we have credits to cover personal expenses such as the repair of your vehicle.

today you can apply for your loan online with a short form and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will advise you and provide you with a loan with the best conditions, which adapts to your financial reality.

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