Leaving home and traveling is an experience that will accompany you for a lifetime. Of course, money is an essential element to make a comfortable trip, stay in pleasant hotels, enjoy the various gastronomic experiences, enter museums and parks and ensure that the trip is what you have always dreamed of.

But sometimes the savings are not great and you need to plan each trip and make forecasts to determine how much to spend and where you will get the resources.

The solution is a credit to travel

With a budget prepared within your payment capabilities, what corresponds is to request a loan from an entity that grants you the best financing conditions in the market.

At Coopealianza we offer you the credit line for foreign travel, which is ideal for vacationing, strengthening emotional stability and recovering the energy required for activities of daily life.

We offer our associates accessible personal credits, fast, with personalized attention and varied options, according to your needs.

Acquire credits for tourism trips at any of the offices that Coopealianza has strategically located in Costa Rica.

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Access more information about our loans for foreign travel and acquire the financing that best suits your expectations and possibilities.

To travel is to live!