The financial market in Costa Rica offers endless possibilities to acquire credits, but at Coopealianza we offer you the best solutions for your needs with excellent installments per million, competitive interest rates and immediate attention.

One of these solutions is the mortgage loan, which consists of a contract where Coopealianza, as a financial entity, lends an amount of money to the associate for the acquisition of a property, during a set period.

The client, for his part, puts the same property that he is going to buy as a guarantee of payment.

In this sense, a P applies, for example, to buy a house in Cartago, being that house, precisely, the one that provides the interested party with the opportunity to obtain the credit and the one that supports us as a financial entity.

It is a long-term commitment that is acquired depending on your ability to pay, needs and goals.

Some of the advantages of acquiring a mortgage loan with Coopealianza are:

If you are thinking of acquiring your mortgage loan, contact us immediately or complete our online form and we will contact you.