One of the most difficult requirements to fulfill when applying for a loan in the financial market is to find a person who is willing to be your guarantor and also meets the requirements established by the financial institution.

For this reason, many people are left without achieving dreams such as having their own home.

At Coopealianza we have thought of everything and we are here to support our clients and associates. For this reason, we offer different credit solutions for the purchase of a home and without the need for a guarantor.

Our line of credit for housing offers the possibility of financing the construction of your future home or the purchase of a home already built and ready for your move.

Home mortgage loan:

Since the amount of financing is high and the period of amortization and cancellation of a home is long, at Coopealianza we have resorted to an instrument called mortgage credit, to give an opportunity to that broad sector of the population that otherwise could not have their own home.

In other words, our loan for your new home can be granted using the same house as collateral. And you can find out the installment of your loan in our online calculator.

What are the conditions?

Other queries that may be of interest to you:

What type of clients is a home mortgage loan for?

For all segments. Public sector employees, private sector employees, entrepreneurs and others.

And how long could the loan be approved?

In the case of public officials, the established time is 10 business days. For other audiences it might take a little longer.

Finally, what happens if what I want is to remodel my current house?

If we talk about remodeling for less than ¢15 million colones, the loan can be obtained without guarantor, documenting the remodeling with a budget and follow-up.

At Coopealianza we help you get the loan you need to buy or build your own house and without guarantor, contact us immediately, or request your credit here.